The successful influencers of the future will be those committed to helping the pretty places in their photos stay pretty while empowering their own audience to reconnect with nature and find joy in conservation. We can either be known as the generation that saved the planet, or an adaptable future species will wonder the significance of cat videos. Our choice. 


A bit about Outdoor Influencer

I'm Jenna. I didn’t grow up saving trees or backcountry camping, and I definitely don't have a degree in marketing (although I do work in marketing! I'm actually a scientific communicator for anti-doping research for the US Olympic Committee and pro sports leagues. I have a Masters in Public Administration that I don't use, and a bachelor of arts in…French. That I also don't use! Bonjour!)

I've never considered myself an adventurer. Adventurers were men. They were fit. They weren't introverts! They didn't have 9-5 jobs, and they weren't totally risk-averse, shy, formerly chubby kids that can pound an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting. Right?


Actually, no. I am an adventurer. Because one day, I decided I wanted to be. I gave myself permission to try something that might get me laughed at. Might spur a lot of judgment, or concern, or ridicule. Might end in injury, or disappointment, or failure. In fact, it did all of that. And I haven't looked back.


Because you know what? Conservative Jenna dealt with all of the above anyway. Except she didn't get the insane satisfaction, confidence, inner peace, and sense of LIVING that adventure Jenna gets. So I stopped listening to opinions and started listening to my gut. And my gut led me outside.


I'm what you call an accidental outdoor influencer because five years ago I NEVER would have seen myself getting recognized on the street by my Instagram followers, or being solicited for wilderness advice. But I started sharing what I was doing and connecting with other people who were doing it, and I grew a community. I surrounded myself with experts and voraciously absorbed their knowledge. I researched maniacally. I asked questions. I found answers. I ventured out. I tried things. I tried them again. I tried harder things. And eventually, I got good at this.


My journey has not been without failure, and nor will my future path. I started out with no knowledge of LNT (a foreign acronym) and relied on my tribe to correct my (now obvious) transgressions. I camped too close to water, went hiking without survival know-how, picked flowers, trampled delicate saplings, disrupted wildlife, disturbed geology…sometimes for a thrill, often for a photo. I got told off and unfollowed and worse, I have to live with the fact I was unkind to the wild spaces that have given me so much.


I want to help you avoid that.


I've done the research, I've talked to the experts, and I've compiled the advice. Sure, I encourage you to do this on your own as well, but let's be honest…if you have two days a week, do you want to spend it researching, or adventuring? If you're like me, it's probably not the former. Time outside is precious, and I want you to leverage every moment.


This blog is a safe space to ask questions, build your skills, and grow your brand. I'll help you figure out the best spots for photos, hacks for staying cute in the backcountry, and how to work with brands, all while promoting safe and respectful outdoor usage to your audience. Not only will you quickly find your voice online, but you will also find peace in conserving and protecting the outdoor assets that drew you to this sphere in the first place. You will be able to prove that your values align with those of the most successful outdoor brands in the marketplace today, and you will be a positive influence on a future generation of kids who choose sunsets over Netflix.

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